Friday, June 24, 2016


One of the biggest blessings I'm carrying with me from Waco is all the amazing photos of Leon and our little family. I received a couple of gift cards for photo shoots at the sweet baby shower that my job threw me and we got to spread them out a little, capturing Leon's first year (newborn, 6 months and 1 year).

We are so very happy and pleased with our photos from Ashley Munn Photography that we had the privilege of taking last week. Leon cooperated with smiles and poses.

Happy birthday buddy! We are so proud you sweet boy and couldn't love you more!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Leon will be ONE tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating LEON's first birthday and one year of parenthood. 
Wow. What a year it has been. We just love being parents, it's our favorite and we just can't believe how much he's grown, it's crazy! 
Leon runs, climbs, laughs, claps, waves, kicks and throws balls and is just so fun.
He loves being outside (he's very curious), taking baths, dance and be silly, play with his balls and toys or random household items he can lay his hands on (flyswatter is the favorite at the moment and a funnel (trumpet) is a close second). 
He runs into our arms when he sees us 
and the opposite direction sometimes too because he loves being chased.
He is still a great napper, takes two good naps a day. 
He now eats all kinds of foods and is such a good eater. 
He is almost fully weaned, transitioning into only drinking his bottle of "Välling".
(Swedish oat drink for babies).
We recently moved from the only home he's ever known and are currently staying with Clint's parents in Dallas where Leon has bonded with his grandparents. Our little boy is about to become a pro traveler, going to Colorado, California and finally Sweden within a short period of time. So far he is adapting really well and is happy wherever.

We can't wait to see this little boy grow up and discover more who God made him to be.
He is already spreading so much joy to everyone around him.
Leon, you are a blessing. The answer to our prayers. 
Our firstborn and our biggest treasure.
We love you so much,
happy birthday sweet boy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Farewell Waco

Our last couple of weeks in Waco were busy and filled with dinners with friends, packing and getting ready for the big move. I've moved quite a bit in my lifetime, so I think that somewhere along the line I have put up a little wall of protection to not get too sad. It's just so hard with all the goodbyes all the time and I've done a lot of crying over it in the past, so I think my body just shut it off this time and I was a little bit in denial that I was actually leaving my good friends in Waco. I was also staying so busy that I didn't have time to think too much. At least technology makes it feel like we are closer still. Anyway, everything went smoothly and we shipped our container with all our stuff headed for Sweden. Our friend and neighbor Scott works for a moving company so it was the biggest blessing having a pro with us during that part, we felt like our things were in really good hands as he helped us getting everything ready.

We had a goodbye party with some of our friends one week before moving, one last fika with everyone.  Since Leon's birthday was only three weeks away, we decided to celebrate him during the fika too. It was fun to host one last party. The weather reminded me of Swedish summer, where it was sunny - rainy - sunny - rainy and you had to take the party inside and then go back out again etc. The kids got to jump in the bounce house for a while at least. Leon had a smash cake and it didn't really turn out as I had imagined, haha, it never does with kids I guess. He hadn't napped very well that day and was a bit overwhelmed with everyone staring at him, so he mostly cried, haha. We will try again on his real birthday on Friday when it's just the family. I'm sure he will do better then ;)

Right now we are in Dallas with Dave and Gwen and on Saturday we're roadtripping to Colorado together, but our time with them deserves its own post. To be continued...